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Anytime Anywhere Survival!

UPDATED:   18 April 2018 (Wednesday)


          Hello, my name is Joseph A. Laydon Jr., and I’m the founder and owner of IRISAP (Intensive Research Information Services And Products) and welcome to the one of the best websites that is looking out for you and yours starting right now. 

         In my humble opinion more good folks like you need to be more self-reliant, more independent, and not totally depend on others, not totally depend on local aid, not totally depend on local law enforcement, not totally depend local government, not totally depend on the US government and all its agencies,… to come to the rescue when you need immediate assistance no matter what the threat or threats. 

         There are so many local, national and international problems going on right now, the resources or ample resources aren’t available to come to your rescue when you need it.  So you have to look out for yourself cause nobody else will.

          This set of 39 Survival Tricks is simply a sampling of the SEVERAL THOUSAND OF INTERNATIONAL SURVIVAL applications, techniques and tricks found in all my works in my Survival Programs, Kindle E-Books, CreateSpace Paperback Books, and more.  And all my works come from the REAL SURVIVORS throughout history and throughout the world and my own international experiences, discoveries and inventions.   

          I know you’re interested in self-reliance, interested in really taking care of yourself and your loved ones, interested in learning from the Real Survivors throughout the world, throughout history & current experts in their field (money, health….), interested in learning from my own experiences – inventions – discoveries – ‘intensive research’, interested in learning from Mother Nature and all She possesses,… then you’ve come to the right location.   Thank you for your wise interest in Anytime Anywhere Survival.  Take a good look over these 39 International Survival applications, techniques and tricks and I know you’d like to have them in your bag of tricks so you’re more ready Anytime Anywhere than 99% of most folks walking this Earth.  Once you learn all these 39 International Survival applications, techniques and tricks, you’ll automatically be:

          All the Survival Tricks will cover all 04 Survivals which are International Wilderness Survival, International Health Survival, Crime Survival, and Money Survival.  Some survival subjects may fall into 02 or more the Survival categories.  You’re going to see EXACTLY what you’ll get with each Survival Trick – right now.  To view ALL 39 Survival Tricks coming your way, go to the 39 Survival Tricks webpage right now.   Thank you again for your wise interest in learning more when it comes to your own self-reliance, so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere.

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE:  As of 11 January 2015, the 39 International Survival Tricks are no longer free.  However, the Kindle E-Book and Paperback Book are very worthy of your attention and especially your self-reliance, your survival.  Both Books are priced at low prices but the survival data could save your life & the lives under your care and save you thousands of dollars.  Again, 35 International Survival Tricks are just a small sample of THOUSANDS of international survival tricks from the 2012 Ultra-Advanced Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package (2012 U-AAASPTP) found at www.survivalexpert.com


Joseph A. Laydon Jr.