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39 Survival Tricks

          39 Survival Tricks So You’re Ready ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

            Thank you for your very wise interest in Anytime Anywhere Survival.  Below is a detailed list of the 39 Survival Tricks!  You’ll get all 39 International Survival tricks when you get the book of your choice.  Fair enough!  OK,  let’s warm-up with a great testimonial I received from Richard out of Boston, MA back in 2001.

MOST IMPORTANT NOTE:  As of 11 January 2015, the 39 Survival Tricks are no longer free.  However, the Kindle E-Book and Paperback Book are very worthy of your attention and especially your self-reliance, your survival.  Both Books are priced at low prices but the survival data could save your life & the lives under your care and save you thousands of dollars.  Again, 35 International Survival Tricks is just a small sample of THOUSANDS of international survival tricks from the 2012 Ultra-Advanced Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package (2012 U-AAASPTP) found at www.survivalexpert.com



“Your organization was exemplary. This is indeed the best course I have ever spent any money on, and I have bought many. If this material was taught to all military personal we would be unstoppable. RAMBO WISHES HE HAD YOU AS A TEACHER. Your newsletters let me feel like I am in class, even while on the train, plain, or bus. Your videos are the next best thing if one is not physically there. Every American needs to know this material.”

Richard L. E. Boston, MA -06 Sep. 2001


         The following is a list of all 35 Survival Tricks in chronological order.  OK let’s get started.  Your first Survival Trick is Laydon’s Burn Remedy.


35 International Wilderness 3d small “35 Survival Tricks” (Kindle E-Book – $9.99)

“35 Survival Tricks” (Paperback – $19.97)

01) Laydon’s Burn Remedy:  Back in October 2006, I burned the skin clean off part of my left-hand and wrist.  The burn site was STOP SIGN RED!  And then the POUNDING PAIN started.  This injury would have cost at least several hundred dollars in medical bills but I used a concoction that cost pennies per dose and you have to know about it today!  This concoction WORKED SO GOOD AND WORKED SO FAST FOR THAT POUNDING PAIN & HEALING, it should be in every medicine cabinet, every first-aid kit, every med bag, every survival kit, every Go To Sh!+ Emergency Package (see Item 18), every ambulance, every fire truck, every emergency room,… but it’s not.  I swear by this burn remedy and you have to know about it so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere!  I’ll tell you every detail when you get your book.


02)  Sauna In A Can:  I read and hear about regular people (in their homes), hunters, campers, hikers,… dying from hypothermia cause they let the 02 Greatest Enemies of Survival overwhelm them – FEAR & PANIC.  I teach several ways to AVOID and fight hypothermia and Sauna In A Can is one of the life-savers.  I learned about it when I was a Private Know Nuthin’ in the US Army and used it several times and it probably saved my life!  This baby worked for me when I was soaking wet and it was cussn’ “what the f#&! am I doing out here” in this f#&! wet cold!  I’ll tell you everything when you get your book.  See Item 24 – Buried Alive – Group 4 Falck Survival Trick below.


03)  Super Salve:  I’ve been buying this special salve since the 1990s.  Why?  Cause it WORKS!  I use it on myself and probably saved HUNDREDS of $$$ using it on my pets versus taking them to see the vet.  One person called this special salve – “A Medicine Cabinet In A Bottle!”   And it’s true.  And this special salve is traced back to the Real Survivors – Native American Indians.  I’ll tell you all about this special salve and where to get it when you sign-up right now.  WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!  Hold the phone.  I’ll tell you about another great salve I use and it has SEVERAL Survival Uses and I’ll tell you EVERYTHING – I’m NOT holding back so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere cause like I always say – “you just never know.”  Now let’s carry-on with Indestructible Poncho Raft.     


04) Indestructible Poncho Raft:  Remember all the catastrophic flooding effects of Katrina back in December 2005?  Remember all the folks that were stranded cause they had no boat to get out.  How about them poor folks that evaded to the top of their roofs only to be grabbed and taken away by hungry gators.  According to www.answers.com, approximately 1,836 people lost their lives.  Anyway, I’ll tell you how to very very cheaply make a raft that 50+ grown men can’t destroy nor can those same 50+ grown men can’t submerge this indestructible raft.  This is based on my own experience while attending US Army SERE School.  I’ll tell you everything when you get your book.   


05) Panamanian Fishing Trick:  While stationed at Fort Davis, Panama in the 80s & 90s, I repeatedly heard about 02 soldiers going out to Gatun Lake (supports the Panama Canal) at 7am and by noon they had more than 100 tasty bass fish in the boat and this every time they went out fishing.  At first and second and the third time I heard this “fish” story I said “this is B.S.”  I kept hearing stories about these 02 soldiers catching pounds and pounds of tasty fish.  After a few years I finally tracked down these soldiers and they told me how they LEGALLY and EASILY caught all those tasty bass fish.  I tried it myself and I’ll be damned – it really worked.  I call this the “Panamanian Fishing Trick” and it can be used anywhere for just about any species of tasty fish.  The lure itself cost less than 1/4 of a penny!!!  I’ll tell you everything when you become a subscriber.  This 01 fishing trick is from one of my many books – Paperback 269+ International Fishing Tricks And More! or Kindle Edition – 269+ International Fishing Tricks And More!  


“Very informative, concise, interesting, and covered a wide range of fishing techniques. Would recommend to any one who from the beginner to the pro’s. I have been fishing since I was 6 years old, my grand father was a commercial fisherman on the Arkansas rIver and every summer I would help him . My grand father fished commercially for over 50 years, and I believe he could ha,ve learned ,a few things from this book. Highly recommend it.”

William Lee – Mississippi


  06) Hunter Emergency Fire-Starting:  I read an article in Reader’s Digest about 02 hunters who were overcome by hypothermia and both men died in-place.  Yes, no doubt they were very experienced deer hunters but as survivalists when their lives were on the line – both men failed their ultimate test.  They were found with matches on their person.  One hunter was even found with his last cigarette.  Yet they had their life-saver within reach which no doubt would have saved their lives.  I’m not bragging, but I consider myself a leading expert in emergency fire-starting cause I’ve invented many advanced & ultra-advanced fire-starting tricks using shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, hand soap, ointments, first-aid ointments, your spit (saliva),… and many more.  Hey, you go out in the woods with these items, why not know how to start an emergency fire with em’ cause “you just never know.”  Anyway, I can’t reveal any of my advanced or ultra-advanced fire-starting tricks till you become a full subscriber but I’ll tell you how those 02 hunters could have been saved if they knew this “emergency fire-starting trick” so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere.  I’ll tell you everything when you get your book.  See Item 30 –  Emergency Fire-Starting – Rub Your Shoe On A Rock.  


07) Cure For Back Spasms From Hell:  I’ve been stuck in my truck, paralyzed on the floor,… because of painful contracting back spasms that come out of nowhere.  I’ve suffered from paralyzing back spasms since I was a kid.  I’ve done the pills, the shots – didn’t work.  Not until 1993 did I learn of a 10 cent concoction that I still use today to be FREE of anymore super paralyzing painful back spasms from hell that strike so hard they took away my breath away.  I’ll tell you everything when you get your book.    


08) Quick Healing Vegetable Poultice:  Approximately 15 December 2011 (Thursday) I woke-up with my right knee in pain that ached 24-hours a day non-stop.  From what I can tell, directly over the kneecap was a “bubble”of liquid the size of a 50 cent piece.  Water on the knee???  Anyway, the pain progressed where it was even difficult to sleep.  Then on the evening of 18 December 2011 (Sunday) I took action.  There are hundreds of emergency first-aid remedies in my Survival Program but I wanted to add another.  So I went into my “intensive research” mode.  I applied a certain vegetable to my knee and secured it with a bandage wrap, went to sleep and when I got up the next morning I was almost 100%!!  You gotta know this super cheap healer when you start getting your 39 Survival Tricks.  Don’t believe me?    


09) Potatoes:  Here’s a subject that I will certainly study a lot more in the future – potatoes.  Potatoes have a historical account of not only providing food (approximately 1,000 edible varieties worldwide) but also used for medicine, alcohol, tools, weapons,…  So I thought I’d introduce you to potatoes uses during real survival situations of the WWII era.  Get your book now and re-read Item 08 – Quick Healing Vegetable Poultice above.  


10) Sniper Tricks To Get You Back On Target For Man Or Beast:  I believe every law-abiding person has the right to own a weapon to defend and protect themselves as well as provide food for the family.   While in the military, I got lucky and attended 02 different Sniper Courses and learned quite a bit.  I also learned some neat tricks to insure that bullet arrives at its intended target whether for training, man or beast.  I’ve taught techniques to snipers (long rifles) as well as ‘door busters’ (assault rifles & pistols) to enhance their marksmanship like right now!  NO time BSing around on the firing range for the next 08-weeks.  We need to see some good to great shootn’ accuracy right now!  When you get your book, I’ll give you a few neat tricks to enhance your long-range marksmanship so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere – so sign-up right now.  See Item 12 – Home Invasion Self-Defense.

35 International Wilderness 3d small “35 Survival Tricks” (Kindle E-Book – $9.99)

“35 Survival Tricks” (Paperback – $19.97)


11) Campfire Weather Forecasting:  Mother Nature and all She possesses is the most powerful force on Earth.  And She doesn’t care if you’re a nun or an evading murderer, She is merciless to the ignorant and disrespectful.  And when it comes to one of her many wraths – weather, you have to know what’s coming your way and you can forecast the good or bad weather using the smoke off your campfire.  I teach 77+ International Forecasters Of Weather, Earthquakes, Tornados And More! (Kindle Edition) or Paperback 77+ International Forecasters Of Weather, Earthquakes, Tornados And More! and here’s one you can use all the time whether it’s a campfire, chimney smoke, smoke stack, burning trash,…  Know the weather good or bad so you can properly plan all your activities so you and yours will see the next day instead of becoming another set of dead statistics.  See Item 26 – Headache Weather Forecaster.     


12) Home Invasion Self-Defense:  As far as I know most or all states  have laws on the books that allow their law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed weapon for their own protection.  I’m all for personal protection and home defense.  I’ve spent years training and teaching Close Quarter Battle (CQB) to Spec Op “door busters” and teaching sniping to Spec Op snipers in other countries.  When it comes to home defense I’ll teach you 02 life-saving tactics that can save your life and those under your care when life-threatening and armed scumbags enter your home uninvited.  These same 02 CQB tricks are used by special A-Teams within the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), Navy SEALs, Delta Force, SWAT Teams…  These 02 tactics will give you peace of mind for the rest of life.  And get this – using these self-defense tricks you don’t even have to be a good shot.  Get your book now, you won’t regret it.  See Item 35 – Weapons At The Ready.  


in comparison, the totality of information you provide on topics as… is vastly superior

Joe, your package is clear, concise, informative, broad based, complete with… The combination of pencil illustration, videos, and text plus step by step info on the development stage, trialand error, tips for safe application and most importantprevention tips at the outset are invaluable. Many books, periodicals, catalogs, are already in my personal library, However, in comparison, the totality of information you provide on topics as… is vastly superior. Many thanks, God Bless.

Thomas K., Nevada – 04 Jan. 2001


13) Licking Cure:  I want to tell you a few true stories that will no doubt make you a believer when it comes to the amazing healing qualities of saliva.  Have you ever seen an animal that was hurt from a scratch, bite, or worse?  What did that critter do?  They started “licking their wound(s).”  I’ve always said critter saliva (dogs, cats,…) has healing qualities and human saliva may have healing qualities too when your you need emergency first-aid when no professional medical assistance is available.   I’ll tell you those true stories in my books.  OK, speaking of critters, let’s carry-on with All Kinds Of Critters Come To You.  


14) All Kinds Of Critters Come To You:  Did you know there are Animal Calls, Sounds, Signals, And Decoys To Compel Small And Big Game To Come To You Within Point Blank Range?  And I teach them in “99+ International Pied Piper Tricks To Compel All Types Of Animals To Come To You!”  (Kindle E-Book) or in Paperback “99+ International Pied Piper Tricks To Compel All Types Of Animals To Come To You!”  If the lower food-chains aren’t available (plants, insects), hunting all types of small & big game is difficult enough, especially for a novice, and worse yet in an emergency life or death survival situation.  However in a survival situation where your life is on the line, in my humble opinion, all bets are off.  All those laws on the books are out the window.  And to even up the odds and even put them in your favor, I will send you a couple hand-picked survival tricks to compel those tasty critters to come to you for the dinner table.  And these tricks have long been used by Native American Indians and them bad ass mountain men.  So get either book now to get them tasty critters to come to you when you’re in a survival situation.  And here are two FASCINATING survival tricks to capture ducks and geese.  Even if you’re a veteran hunter with decades of hunting behind you, I seriously doubt you know about these unique and unknown hunting tricks.  OK, let’s carry-on with No Weapon Duck Hunting.


15) No Weapon Duck Hunting:  I gotta tell you, I love eating duck meat especial Duck Fried Rice – super delicious (without the bones).  Anyway, several years ago I interviewed this guy and he told me in detail how his grandpa hunts ducks.  I thought this was a fascinating hunting technique and you have to know it cause it’s a sure 100% guaranteed way to put them tasty duck critters on the dinner table when you’re in an emergency survival situation.  And remember, NO weapons of any type is required.  NO trap & snare is required.  And next, here’s a 100% guaranteed way to put them tasty goose critters on the dinner table.   


16) Goose Final Approach:  A few years back I interviewed a contract worker.  We were talking about hunting when he told me how his friend hunts geese.  He didn’t believe him so his friend invited him out to his property.  And sure enough it didn’t take long, another goose on the dinner table.  And like the No Weapon Duck Hunting I just told you about – NO weapon is required and NO trap & snare of any kind is required.  And I’ll tell you the complete fascinating facts when you get your own book.  OK, let’s carry-on with True Survival Kits  


17) True Survival Kits:  You should ALWAYS have a survival kit on you even if your only 10-feet away from your vehicle, camp site, cabin… it doesn’t matter.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a survival kit with you – on your person at all times – it should be part of your equipment, part of you and you should have more elaborate one in your backpack and larger-size survival kits in your car, boat, home, plane,… – cause like I always say “you just never know!” I’ll get into more details on True Survival Kits but they MUST SATISFY the 8 Elements Of Survival.  I don’t care what anybody else tells you, true Survival Kits must satisfy (directly or indirectly) the 8 Elements Of Survival and they are FIRE, WATER, SHELTER, FIRST-AID, SIGNAL, FOOD, WEAPONS AND NAVIGATION.  If one of those elements is missing you don’t have a true Survival Kit!  Survival Kits can be as small as a film canister or the size to fit in your backpack or as big as a foot locker in your vehicle!  Insure you have one for your person (every person in your party), your vehicle, your home…  By the way, you can get FREE film canisters at your local camera shop.  OK, let’s carry-on with the Big Brother of Survival Kits – Go To Sh!+ Plan Emergency Packages


18) Go To Sh!+ Plan Emergency Packages:  First let me tell you of my own experiences / training with Go To Sh!+ Plans.  US Army Special Forces (nick-named the Green Berets because of their headgear) A-Teams are organized into 12-man A-Teams.  That’s a very small number of men compared to conventional units of a Platoon (40 soldiers), Company (160 soldiers), Battalion (640 soldiers), … So with only 12 men on a team, the planning of missions must be unique, very detailed and especially “what if this happens scenarios” and solutions to those scenarios.  And one of the worst scenarios of a single A-Team could get into is to suddenly be outnumbered, outgunned and worst  yet  – become completely surrounded.  Larger bodies of troops could probably fight their way out of it without external support or  employ a “break-out operation” but 12 men must initiate a different tactic called a Go To Sh!+ Plan.   A Go To Sh!+ Plan.  It’s an Immediate Action Drill (IAD), it’s a PRE-PLANNED TACTIC to save our lives. When you get my book, I’ll tell you the Go To Sh!+ Plan used by the A-Teams I served on and I’ll tell you how to make (or I could send you one)  your  own Go To Sh!+ Plan Emergency Package(s) LISTEN, once your lives are threatened or you even feel something is wrong – your outdoor adventure (hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, rock finding, treasure hunting, mountain biking,…) is out the window and now you’re in a life or death survival mode.  The Go To Sh!+ Plan Emergency Package is designed to help you AVOID the 02 Greatest Enemies Of Survival – FEAR & PANIC.  The Go To Sh!+ Plan Emergency Package is also designed to help you turn a potential tragedy of deaths into an adventure and to safety so you & your loved ones can see the next day instead of being another set of dead statistics.  Sign-up now so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere!


19) Emergency Water Supply:  While serving with the 5th Special Forces Group (Green Berets) when they were stationed at Fort Bragg, NC, our team was being deployed to the state of ___________ here in the US.  And like always, we got some intell on the people in our AO (Area of Operations).  It’s been decades, I can’t remember 99% of that intell brief but I do remember the common & wise “field-craft” these folks used for an emergency water supply and I’ll tell you every detail when you get my book.  So sign-up right now or die from thirst!  And speaking of dying from thirst, many pioneers and even bad ass mountain men almost died from thirst.  But they were saved by the critters that were with them or the critters they observed at a distance and the signs of other critters who already knew where to find life-saving water.  So let’s carry-on with Buffalo Bill – Critters Find Water.    


20) Buffalo Bill – Critters Find Water:  I’ve always said critters from plants to aquatic  big game are a lot smarter than most folks think they are, even the “animal experts.”  And for this segment we’ll go back in time to the Old West.  I’ll tell you some true stories of critters leading the “walking and crawling dead” straight to cool, thirst-quenching water.  Never underestimate them savvy critters.   


I don’t think I’ve ever received more value for my $

I don’t think I’ve ever received more value for my $. All was well organized and put together as advertised. Continual info being provided every month with a wealth of info that overloads the mind with its detail and amount of subjects. I like the fire-starting techniques taught. Spend the small amount it takes to receive this wealth of info that may just save your life or at least make it more pleasant in a survival situation – which can happen at Anytime Anywhere!”

Allan C., Oklahoma – 08 Jun. 2001



35 International Wilderness 3d small “35 Survival Tricks” (Kindle E-Book – $9.99)

“35 Survival Tricks” (Paperback – $19.97)


21) Badger Shelter System:   When you get your book, I’m going to tell you about some great shelters (see Item 22 – Invisible Hide Shelter and Item 23 – Emergency Shelter On-The-Go  below).  But the reason I added Badger Shelter System is we can all learn from their great organized way in how their shelter systems are set up.  When the shelter system is properly organized it has its occupants in a far less stress-free environment and able to take-on other priority challenges.  Your survival shelter will be a Home Away From Home! 


22) My Invisible Hide Site:  While attending the US Army SERE (Survival Escape Resistance Evasion) School, during the last week of the course we were isolated in our own areas and one of the many tasks assigned to each SERE student was to construct a hide site.  I want to tell you about a hide site that was invisible to humans, ornery critters, and invisible to the best searching technology that exists today.  The reason I’m telling you this is you (evading soldiers or civilians) may need to safely disappear or on the other side of the coin, look for this type of invisible hide site (law enforcement) for an evading criminal(s).  Best hide site I ever used.  Get the book for the full details on My Invisible Hide Site.    


23) Emergency Shelter On-The-Go:  This survival trick comes from one of my subscribers – Mr. L_____ who is no doubt a survival expert in his own right.  The Emergency Shelter On-The-Go is actually a common must have item in 3rd world countries and it has uses beyond an emergency shelter and you might consider having an Emergency Shelter On-The-Go cause you just never know.    


24) Buried Alive – Group 4 Falck Survival Trick:  Group 4 Falck is a private international security company.  It provides international security to include the United States.  It provides all types of security to all types of sites from simple access points to nuclear sites.  And it also provides training to all its Security Officers and organizations not affiliated with Group 4 Falck.  And cold-weather survival is part of that training.  These professionals are cold weather experts and they have a technique you have to know if someone in your party goes down for the count in a cold weather environment.  I believe I have more than my share of experiences when it comes to surviving cold weather environments and here’s something you might want to look at – here’s the Paperback version “89+ Emergency Cold Weather Survival Tricks And More!”  and here’s the Kindle E-Book Version  “89+ Emergency Cold Weather Survival Tricks And More!”    


25) Eskimo Seabird Sausage:  Have you ever tasted Camembert cheese?  It’s super delicious.  Anyway, for you folks visiting way up north, you might want to know this survival trick of turning captured birds into a delicacy that taste just like Camembert cheese – MMMmm!  And get this, once you prepare it like the Eskimos do, let Mother Nature take over and She’ll do the rest of the work!


26) Headache Weather Forecaster:  Hate those nagging headaches that hit you now and then?  You may be one of the few blessed ones or know one of these blessed ones.  What the heck are you talking about?  you ask.  When you become a subscriber I’ll tell you about headaches and other “maladies” that are linked to forecasting in-coming bad weather!  No joke.  In some many cases for example, women turn out to be great weather forecasters and they don’t even know it.  When you get my book you’ll learn how to forecast weather from headaches, other maladies a lot more and they come from one my books: here’s the Kindle E-Book Version 77+ International Forecasters Of Weather, Earthquakes, Tornados And More!  and here’s the paperback version – 77+ International Forecasters Of Weather, Earthquakes, Tornados And More!  So go ahead and get the book before the next storm hits!  See Item 11 – Campfire Weather Forecasting above.


27) US Army Special Forces Camouflage – Holy Sh!+:  That’s exactly what that Green Beret cadre shouted “Holy Sh!+”.   After almost 05-mintes of him searching for me,  when I suddenly appeared before him just feet away out of water-laden jungle.  This happened while attending SERE (Survival Escape Resistance & Evasion) School.  Camouflage is so important when in the wilderness and YES, even in plain sight right in front of you.  And when you become my subscriber, I’ll also lead you to a book which tells you 02 TRUE accounts of 02 different soldiers (Force Recon Marine during Vietnam war and Green Beret going through SERE School in late 1980s) who Mentally Disappearing In Thin Air in broad daylight to avoid capture.  Their enemy walked right by them in broad daylight and they never saw them!  I’m serious and you should be too so sign-up right now.  


28) Laydon’s Yucca Plant Research & Development:  I conducted some very beneficial R & D on the yucca plant which is found from Colorado to California and southward beyond the US border into Mexico.  Let me put it to you this way.  If I owned several thousand acres of land to grow nothing but yucca plants, I could probably put a few laundry soap companies and a few body soap companies out of business.  If you’re out enjoying Mother Nature and located in yucca plant territory, leave your laundry soap and bars of soap behind cause you won’t need them after you read my Yucca Plant R & D!  


The survival & fire starting tricks is priceless

“Yes, simply outstanding. This really is a Total Package – professional. The problem with other programs is amatures training amatures = amatures. Not so with the Anytime Anywhere Survival Program TOTAL Package (AASPTP). If you want to get past the fantasy & Walter Mitty crap & learn the real life down & dirty survival info this one is it (AASPTP). The survival & fire starting tricks is priceless.” Scott H., Oklahoma – 24 Jan. 2001


  29) Mind-Over-Matter To Ignore Killer Cold Temperatures:  Do you believe in Mind-Over-Matter?  I certainly do cause it’s happened to me over the years since high school and I’ll tell you about some of those true experiences.  And I learned to use Mind-Over-Matter to ignore killer cold temperatures that would render most folks incapacitated.  And I can turn it On or Off anytime I want to.  And you may be able to copycat my Mind-Over-Matter technique so you have that edge when your life is on the line while in a hypothermic environment.

35 International Wilderness 3d small “35 Survival Tricks” (Kindle E-Book – $9.99)

“35 Survival Tricks” (Paperback – $19.97)


30) Emergency Fire-Starting – Rub Your Shoe On A Rock:  I teach basic, advanced and ultra-advanced emergency fire-starting.  I DO NOT TEACH AND NEVER WILL TEACH those prehistoric fire-starting methods (Bow N’ Drill, Spin Drill, Fire Trough) .  Why?  Cause they are too difficult to employ in an emergency survival scenario.  99.999% of regular outdoor folks will NEVER get them to work.  If you can employ them, good for you.  However, in my years of getting my butt kicked by Mother Nature and all She possesses, NOBODY, NOBODY, one more time NOBODY can get anyone of those prehistoric fire-starting methods to work when you’re truly hypothermic.  I mean your cussn’, swearing, what the #@*& am I doing out here –  cold, so cold your fingers won’t work.  You can’t even pull up the zipper on your jacket, you can’t pull up the zipper on your pants to literally save your life.  So if you can’t even pull up the zipper on your jacket and pants, how in the heck are you going to rub 02 sticks together at mach 06 to get a fire going?  Believe me I know what I’m talking about when it comes to being cussn’, swearing cold and forget about rubbing 02 sticks together or even using matches and lighters cause they won’t work when you’re truly hypothermic.  Anyway,  long ago I invented (01 of many) a fire-starting trick I call “Rub Your Shoe On A Rock!” up.       WAIT.  So you know I’m not BSing you, I consider myself a true teacher in Survival.  So while we’re on the subject of emergency fire-starting, here are a few of my many inventions with respect to fire-starting.  Just click the link to watch each video.  WAIT again.  Before you watch these videos, go get your buttered popcorn and cold soda or beer.  OK.  Are you ready?   Let’s start with “How To Start An Emergency Fire Using A Beam Of Light From A Flashlight!” 

1st Note: Years ago, I actually put a $100.00 Bounty on “How To Start An Emergency Fire Using A Beam Of Light From A Flashlight!”  I told some folks if they could figure out how I did it, I’d give them $100.00 cash.  NOBODY ever figured it out.  They didn’t even come close.  I only reveal this and several dozen other of my TOP SECRET survival inventions with my full subscribers – YOU? 2nd Note: I actually have approximately 16-hours of Basic, Advanced and Ultra-Advanced Fire-Starting DVDs and COMING SOONUltra-Advanced Fire-Starting Part V is in the works (Winter 2015)!!!  More on this when you become a subscriber.  I’m hungry, let’s carry-on with some plant vittles.  


31) International Plant Edibility Test:  In a survival situation where you have no food whatsoever and hunting isn’t working for you at the present time, then you have to go to the bottom of the food chain – plants.  There are approximately 300,000 to 350,000 plants on the Earth (below water, water surface, on the ground, below the ground).  Odds are good that plants around you are edible for you.  Each survivor must do an edibility test for each plant and I’ll give you the International Plant Edibility Test when you become a subscriber.   Them plants don’t taste like cheeseburgers but they’ll keep you alive.  Did you know that during World War II – here’s a quote from one of my books:  During WWII in England when food was getting scarce, according to Professor D.B. Johnstone‑Wallace of Cornell University: “England is prepared to use grass for food if supplies run low.”  Even eating it himself, he stated “Green grass is nutritious and taste really fine.”  There are approximately 10,000 species of grass plants worldwide.  You don’t see them cow critters complaining do you?  OK then.  Here’s a book that will enhance your survival Anytime Anywhere – “339+ International Emergency Foods, Emergency Water, Lost Home-Made Recipes And More! (Paperback book) and “339+ International Emergency Foods, Emergency Water, Lost Home-Made Recipes And More! (Kindle E-Book) Let’s carry-on with Emergency Reflexology First-Aid.    


32) Emergency Reflexology First-Aid:  Did you know you can use a golf ball for emergency first-aid?  I give detailed instructions on how to use Reflexology for first-aid.  I give you 07 applications to relieve common maladies in a survival environment when no professional medical assistance is available.  Why a golf ball?  They’re practically indestructible, very common, cheap and easy to use for first-aid and other non-medical emergency situations.  Now let’s go to Pounding Toothache Remedy.


33) Pounding Toothache Remedy:  I gotta tell you.  If you’ve ever had a really bad, nagging, POUNDING toothache and there’s no dentist around or you don’t have the money to pay a dentist, then you have to know about this quick remedy (works in 02 or 03 minutes!!!).  I’m SURE, I’d rather be waterboarded than put up with a nagging non-stop POUNDING toothache.  Hey you spook interrogators out there – or whoever you are, you wanna get that bad guy talking and he won’t shut-up?  Give him a pounding toothache on his uppers and lowers!  Anyway, I’m going to give you this 100%-remedy Pounding Toothache Remedy when you get my book.     


34) Emergency Communications:  So many tragedies, so many deaths could have been prevented if emergency communications were already part of their outdoor adventure cause “you just never know.”  I’m talking about carrying some Walkie-Talkies out in the woods with you and yours.  Cell phones are good but with no towers they’re worthless.  Walkie-Talkies need no towers, walkie-talkies need no subscription, and there are no monthly bills with walkie-talkies.  If anyone in the party deliberately or accidently separates from the main group, they have a Walkie-Talkie to get “unlost.,”   Walkie-Tallies can also be used to request assistance, conduct a recon and inform & update main body, use on a convoy,…   When you get my book, I’ll let you know how to get a FREE set of  high-tech Walkie-Talkies and you don’t even pay for postage.  Plus I’ll send you a Walkie-Talkie Emergency Communications Guide (military style but civilianized) so to better prepare for your next trip and a guide for emergency communications.  


35) Weapons At The Ready:  I gotta tell you, of all the crimes (domestic, street, genocide,…) committed against innocent & defenseless people; most of those crimes could have been deterred, countered or at least put up a good fu@n’ fight against that coward piece of sh!+.   If those innocent & defenseless people were armed in one way, shape, or form many crimes could be avoided.  I believe EVERYBODY, I mean EVERYBODY (small kids to grownups to the elderly) should not only know how to fight but have a weapon or two available whether its a finger, fist, elbow, headbutt,… rock, knife, keys, pistol, cane, mace,…  I’ll tell you about ‘vunerable parts of the body’ as well as ‘weapons of the body’ and the three parts of the body to strike so to at least keep you in control.  Plus I’ll tell you about a weapons you should consider owning for your own defense.   Plus I’ll give you a long list of true crime movies based on actual events.  You have to see these movies (some are FREE on YouTube) and put yourself in their shoes and AVOID the victim’s doom or escape or at least put up a good fu@n’ fight now that you know how to fight once you’re a subscriber.  See must see Item 12 – Home Invasion Self-Defense.


36) Reprogramming Yourself From Failure To Success:  Have you got your mind right?  Probably not.  In my humble opinion, I believe 95% of folks are not wired (upbringing ??) to their full potential.  I want to tell you about a real Mind-Over-Matter technique that you have to know about and it’s FREE.  I’ll give you a link to a video that explains this technique to Reprogram Yourself From Failure To Success.  And I gotta tell you, once you implement this EASY Mind-Over-Matter application, you’ll find yourself doing things in your favor you wouldn’t have done otherwise!  So go ahead – Get Your Mind Right – and get the book now. 



“I’m part Cherokee, and the Indian and mountain men articles are excellent. I run hundreds of miles of wilderness traplines and hunting every year. I thought I was an avid survivalist and in many aspects was, but I TRUELY WAS AN AMATUER UNTIL I BECAME AN IRISAP SUBSCRIBER. IRISAP IS SUPERIOR TO ANYTHING I’VE SEEN. This Program can be explained as – all other programs I’ve studied or tried was a 1st or 2nd grade elementary class and the PAWS PROGRAM IS LIKE GOING TO COLLEGE CLASSES… The organization of the program could be described as a very intense and professional executed job done with extreme perfection and pride. Everything was perfectly packaged, labeled, and boxed. This Program is so complete and intense its unbelieveable. The Special Reports were just that SPECIAL! I learned things I never new existed. I enjoyed them all but really liked the Mind-Over-Matter Programs. You’re a professional Mr. Laydon. Thanks for sharing your life with me.”

Billy S., Oklahoma – 18 Nov. 2002


37) High Paying Job Near You:  Here’s some great Money Survival for you.  When you sign-up, I’ll tell you about some easy work you can do and it pays more money than them fancy folks with them college degrees.  I won’t tell you the details when you get my book, you won’t regret it once you read the $$$$ details on this easy work.  Now let’s carry-on with Israeli Lace.

38) Israeli Lace:  If you venture outdoors I bet you put in a lot of miles.  If you’re in the military, a soldier in the infantry or involved with Special Operations, I know from experience that you’re putting in a kazillion miles.  And your insteps of both feet might be hurting you all the time.  I know, mine hurt till I discovered what I call Israeli Lace.  Israeli Lace instantly cured the pain in both my insteps and I’ll tell you everything when you sign-up.  YES, I discovered it from one of them bad ass Israeli Commandos I helped train out at Camp Mackall, NC. 


39) Trick Your Body Into Feeling Warmer Even In Cold Water:  I’m adding this cause of recent tragedy of multiple drowning’s.  The cause of death – ‘cold water.’  Here’s a neat survival trick you can use to save your life.  As I write this segment, it’s late December 2014 and it’s anticipated to be 18-degrees tonight.  Plus I’ll give you additional cold weather survival tricks so you’re ready Anytime Anywhere.  See 89+ Emergency Cold Weather Survival Tricks And More!

35 International Wilderness 3d small “35 Survival Tricks” (Kindle E-Book – $9.99)

“35 Survival Tricks” (Paperback – $19.97)


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